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Plan, Record and Share your work in the garden using the sensational new BuildMyGarden Facebook app.

What can BuildMyGarden do for you?

The BuildMyGarden app brings garden planning into the digital age. Whether you have just rented an allotment for the year and are a bit unsure where to start or you are eyeing up that suntrap on your apartment balcony as the perfect spot for your first tomato crop, BuildMyGarden is the app for you. Plan, Record and Share all your work in the garden using one app.



What sets BuildMyGarden apart from its competitors is its use of an intuitive 3D gardening environment. We design, build and experience our gardens in three dimensions but up until now most garden planning apps have limited you to working in two. This makes it a lot more difficult to visualise how your garden is going to mature in the months ahead, which makes planning more of a challenge.

Once you have set out the parameters for your first BuildMyGarden garden, you are presented with a blank canvas on which to start locating your plants. Simply choose your plant type or plot and then select where you want to place it on the garden’s ground plan. Add some more plants and don’t worry if you don’t get it all as you want it at the start. The garden is saved to the cloud as you work and everything you add can be resized, rotated or moved about at a later stage by simply dragging and dropping them. BuildMyGarden also allows you to add garden furniture to your garden such as outhouses, benches, rocks and fences.


BuildMyGarden enables you to easily keep track of where and when you planted each and every fruit bush, vegetable seed, bedding plant, tree or any other plant that you can think of. We know how important it is to remember when you last watered, fed or weeded a particular border or when you last applied an anti-slug treatment to your brassica patch. With BuildMyGarden, it’s as simple as selecting the plant or plot and adding an action that describes the work you did. And if you want to review something's gardening history, simply click on it to view its 'wall' - it’s that straightforward. Forget about the frustrations of lost notebooks or tags chewed up by the dog - BuildMyGarden brings garden planning and recording together in a way that just makes sense.


As BuildMyGarden is a Facebook app, it’s easy to share your work with your friends and family. Let's imagine that you have just spent the afternoon digging a plot and planting a line of carrots in your veg patch. That's a lot work that needs to be shouted about. To do so, simply, log into BuildMyGarden, record your work and click the Post on Facebook button to share the update. We gardeners are proud of our gardens and BuildMyGarden lets you show them off.

BuildMyGarden App

What are people saying?


BuildMyGarden has changed the way that I think about my garden. I love the way that I can show my parents in Mayo the progress that we've been making with our veg.

Lena Clarke, Dublin

Medical Scientist and keen gardener