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Plan, Record and Share your work in the garden using the sensational new BuildMyGarden Facebook app.


BuildMyGarden has been designed to work best on desktop computers. It doesn't have to be very powerful computer but touch screens and smaller screens are currently not supported.
BuildMyGarden has been tested with all of the latest browsers including Chrome v67.0.3396.79, Firefox v60.0.1 and Safari v11.1. While extensive testing has not been carried out with earlier versions of these browsers, it is expected that the app will function as prescribed. If you are using an earlier browsers or one that is not included in this list and are having problems, please contact us via social media.
You need a Facebook account to use BuildMyGarden. So, as long as you have one of these, there is no need to create a separate BuildMyGarden account. No need to remember new passwords or to fill in any details.
Search for BuildMyGarden in Facebook and then click the 'Play Now' button to install the app.
Once you are logged into Facebook, you are logged into BuildMyGarden. Simply go to the app's page and you are ready to go.
On the home screen, click the 'New garden' button. You will then be led through a wizard that will help you setup your basic garden.
Your garden is presented within a 3D space that we call the garden scene. You can rotate around, zoom in and out of and pan about the scene using the tools found in the Camera toolbar, located in the bottom-left of the screen. Use the Item toolbar, which is found in the top-left of the screen, to add and change items in your garden.
The grid is used to give you a sense of scale as you plan your garden. Typically a garden will be divided up into 1.5m grid squares. The veg patch and raised bed plots snap to the grid, while all other items do not. This means that veg patches and raised beds are aligned to the grid squares and when moved or scaled, they will 'snap' to the grid squares around them. Other items can be resized and moved to any size or position.
The rotate camera tool is found in the Camera toolbar. Click on it to activate it and then click and drag anywhere on the scene to rotate the camera around your garden.
Click the pan tool in the Camera toolbar to activate it. Then click and drag anywhere on the scene to pan the camera in the direction that you drag.
Click the reset camera tool in the Camera toolbar.
Click on the Toogle grid tool in the Camera toolbar to turn the grid's visibility on or off.
By default your garden will be presented with its maximum length and width dimensions printed along two of its edges. You can turn this display on or off by clicking on the Toggle dimensions tool in the Camera toolbar.
When you create a garden in BuildMyGarden, you select its type. Depending on the type of garden chosen, your garden will be created along with its neighbouring buildings and/or walls to give you a sense of how the garden appears in relation to them. These are just a guide and no doubt they will differ from how your real house or apartment building looks. You can turn this view on or off by clicking the Toggle buildings tool in the Camera toolbar.
You will want at times to jump from one camera position to another. You could use the camera rotate, zoom and pan tools to do this but we have also include four camera view preset buttons tht when clicked will jump you to each of your garden's four corners.
Select the Add tool from the object toolbar located in the top-left of the garden screen. Choose a plant or other item to add from the list that appears below. Then click anywhere on your garden's ground to add the item to that spot.
There are many different types of plant and so to make it easier to find and add a plant to your garden, we have broken them down into the following categories: trees, ... When adding a plant, select the category first and then the individual plant.
To resize an item, first select the Scale tool from the Item toolbar and then click and drag on the item in question. Drag to the top-right of your screen to make the item bigger and drag to the bottom-left to make it smaller.
To move an item, first select the Move tool from the Item toolbar and then click and drag the item to the position that you have in mind.
Any item can be duplicated. To do this, select the Duplicate tool from the Item toolbar, click the item that you want to copy and then click in the space in the garden where you want to add the copy.
Select the Delete tool from the Item toolbar and then click on the item to be deleted.
Yes, you can. Many of the BuildMyGarden items can be ordered online. You simply have to click the Add to Cart button in the item's inspector and then go to the Shopping Cart by clicking on the cart icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Click the 'Buy on Amazon' button to complete the purchase via your local Amazon store.
BuildMyGarden servers only store information about the gardens that you create. Our servers do not store any personal details such as your name, email address or any passwords. We link the gardens that you create to your Facebook account by storing your unique Facebook ID with each garden created.

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